“The class is really a golden opportunity for anyone to peek inside oneself, to discover your strengths. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to boost their self-confidence and self esteem by self exploration. Also, I don’t think there can be a teacher, a mentor, a guide, moreover a guru better than Coach Morall. She has an incredible power to get you to dive deeper into yourself.”-SM, Chicago, IL

“It is very difficult, setting goals and not having anyone to encourage you or hold you accountable. Whatever it is you need and want to work on in your life, Coach Morall finds the perfect way to assist. She is very positive and holds you accountable, which I loved. I have learned, through coaching, how to restore my health and put my happiness before wanting to feel accepted. I couldn’t ask for more.”-

EP, Lawrenceville, GA

“She really hears what you are saying and with her knowledge and understanding, guidance and encouragement, you really figure it out for yourself.  This has truly been a positive and life changing experience for me.  I now see my future with a new sense of purpose and excitement. What once  seemed like an impossible dream has now become an attainable goal… Thank you Coach Morall.”-WM, Duluth, GA

“Monica doesn’t tell you what to do or how to think–she just guides you in the direction that will lead you to the most happiness, success, and satisfaction that life can offer you. I’m honestly not sure how she does it. A phone call with her feels like chatting with an old friend, yet when it’s finished, I feel refreshed, optimistic, and ready to tackle the day…I once again feel a sense of peace and fulfillment returning to my life.”-HD New Roads, LA

“Certified Life Coach Monica Morall not only helped me turn on the ignition switch to my goals, she first helped me locate the key. Monica’s very patient, sage-like feedback also helped me…accomplish goals that I once lacked the energy and the perspective to complete.“-IW, Greater Atlanta, GA

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