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Coaching Pic2Monica Morall

CEO/Founder of MasterClass Coaching Enterprises

Creator of From Headaches to High Fives: Improve Your Teen’s Outlook, Output and Outcomes in 6 Weeks and Move to the Head of Your Class: 25 Tips to Help Struggling Students

Monica Morall has been coaching students who feel overwhelmed by large workloads and who struggle with time and workload management, study habits, and positive peer relationships for nearly two decades. Through carefully crafted guided questioning and mindful listening, Coach Morall uses her experience and training to lead students to review, recognize and revamp old habits that sabotage their classroom success.

“As a veteran in secondary education, I recognized certain habits that made some kids successful and other habits that guaranteed struggles and impending doom for others! Interestingly enough, none of the good or bad habits reflected the intelligence of the student, just the level of their commitment to success. I created my signature on-line coaching program From Headaches to High Fives and my coaching companion handbook Move to the Head of Your Class: 25 Tips to Help Struggling Students to be an arsenal of no-nonsense tools to build a foundation for success. At the end of this program, students will be able to reevaluate old habits and replace them with new ones that foster success.”


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