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MCCE is a full service coaching company dedicated to helping participants in the educational process improve their outlook, output, and outcomes in the school setting, as well as other areas of their lives. We serve a variety of secondary students, teachers, and parents who deal with non-academic factors that ultimately affect academic progress and familial relationships.

Some of our teacher clients are dedicated to their calling, but feel overwhelmed by the increasing workload and the incessant demands of students, parents, and administrators. They struggle to find a work-life balance that can leave them feeling satisfied and not depleted. Many of our student clients are intelligent but not motivated by academics. They may have full calendars but struggle with time management, while others may be going through the motions of teenage activity but are disengaged. Some may be struggling with personal and relational choices, while others are simply overwhelmed by the decision making process that is crucial at this time in their lives. Many of our parent clients are frustrated with their child’s lack of motivation and effort, despite their intelligence and capability. They want to help their struggling child reach his or her full potential while restoring familial harmony.

For all of our clients, the constant struggles and non-stop demands may leave them feeling depleted and confused. Their lives may feel chaotic, and unmanageable, but they are willing to ask themselves the critical questions and do the work that will help them get back on the right track. At MCCE, we provide the right tools along with a safe setting and crucial support to help them not only survive, but thrive!

We offer bootcamps, self-coaching and VIP coaching packages, as well as coaching workshops, teleclasses, and printed materials to help move our clients forward out of the patterns and behaviors that have blocked their paths and into the habits that will help them thrive!

With a variety of coaching offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please contact us at monica@masterclasscoachingenterprises.com or 855.MC.COACH(855.622.6224).

Monica Morall

Certified Life Coach and Educational Strategist

President, MasterClass Coaching Enterprises

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